MSc education in Robotic Building (RB) has been established 2014 as part of Hyperbody at TUD, Netherlands. Since 2017-19 MSc education has been also offered at Dessau Institute of Architecture in Germany and starting fall 2020 as part of the DAAD flagship project in Vietnam as BSc education at the Vietnamese German University. 2018-19 it has been offered within Architectural Engineering (AE) and since 2020 in Complex Projects (CP) at TUD. The focus is on the integration of advanced computational design with robotic techniques in order to produce highly performative architectural formations. This implies that design is directly linked to building production and operation. RB relies on Design-to-Robotic-Production & -Operation (D2RP&O) approaches. While D2RP links design to materialisation by integrating all (from functional and formal to structural) requirements in the design of building components, D2RO integrates robotic devices into building components in order to facilitate spatial and climatic reconfiguration. Together they establish the framework for robotic production and operation at building scale. The main consideration is that in architecture and building construction the factory of the future will employ building materials and components that can be robotically processed and assembled. Thus D2RP&O processes incorporate material properties in design, control all aspects of the processes numerically, and utilise parametric design principles that can be linked to the robotic production.


MSc 1-4 in Robotic Building ensures development of knowledge and skills in D2RP&O involving interaction design, parametric and computational design as well as numerically controlled and robotic production and operation techniques.

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More than 100 graduations have been tutored by members of the lab amongst which several have been nominated for Archiprix and one has received the 1st Archiprix International Prize. Alumni are working in internationally renowned architectural practices and academic institutions such as Foster and Partners, UN Studio, Zaha Hadid, OMA, and ETHZ, ICD, etc. respectively.