Robotic Building lab and partners’ MSCA Horizon proposal ‘ArchiSpace’ has been approved and proceeds now into the grant preparation stage!

Space Architecture design and prototyping in planetary analogue environments aims to develop reliable and safe settlements that adequately protect astronauts physical and mental well-being from all possible threats that the hostile environment of extraterrestrial space presents. The goal is to design and build sub-systems prototypes (e.g., walls, roofs, living spaces, etc.) of human infrastructures to be built on planetary surfaces, which will be tested in planetary analogue environments. This project uses environmental and geological setting analogues as a base to define architectural constraints, sketch design and prototypes to be used in future space human settlements. ArchiSpace is pioneering a new fields of interdisciplinary and intersectoral research in Europe by bridging geology/space sciences and architecture/space architecture. Geology/space science is crucial because the subsurface plays a fundamental role in the selection of the landing sites and the location of ‘human-focused’ habitats. Architecture/space architecture has a key role in designing comfortable, safe and functional habitats. This planetary approach could also be applied on Earth.