Sina Mostafavi

Studio master, Dessau Institute of Architecture (DIA)

Senior researcher, Technical University Delft (TUD) Robotic Building (RB)



Sina Mostafavi is a practicing architect, researcher, and educator with expertise in computational design and architectural robotics. He is the founder of award-winning studio SETUParchitecture, a firm that provides consultancy for innovative design solutions to construction processes. He teaches and leads design studios at Delft University of Technology and Dessau International Graduate School of Architecture (DIA) at Bauhaus, where he is also the director of Design and Architectural Robotics Studios. He is a senior researcher at TU Delft, where he has been the manager and coinitiator of the Robotic Building Lab at Hyperbody group of TU Delft. He has led international workshops such as InDeSem 2015-re.craft, SimAUD 2018 at Delft, and IASS2015 at Amsterdam. As a PhD and currently, as a senior researcher at TU Delft, he has focused since 2011 on development and application of design computation to robotic production of hybrid material systems; using multimode subtractive-additive robotic production methods. He has lectured internationally and has been a member of the scientific committees of various journals and conferences such as eCAADe and ACADIA. The results of his work are published and presented in books, journals and conferences, such as eCAADe 2013 in Delft, Algorithms and Actualization at AA London, eCAADe 2014 in New Castle, ACADIA in Los Angeles, eCAADe 2015 in Vienna, ACADIA in Cincinnati, Rob|Arch 2016 in Sydney, Rob|Arch 2018 in ETH Zurich, KNAW Amsterdam, Digital Knowledge in Paris Malaquais, chapters in Towards a Robotic Architecture book, and in Mutations-creations, Imprimer-le-Monde, Centre Pompidou. His architectural prototypes and works have been featured at international exhibitions, such as construction week in Utrecht, V2 gallery-institute for unstable media of Rotterdam, synthetic Exhibition in Le Mans Lillie, NAi in Rotterdam, and Print the World Exposition in Centre Pompidou Paris.

Selected Publications

  • Mostafavi, S., Kemper, B., Du, C. (2019). Materializing Hybridity in Architecture: Design to Robotic Production of Multi-Materiality in Multiple Scales, Architectural Science Review, Issue on Means, Methods and Machines in Architecture
  • Mostafavi, S., Anton, A. (2018) : Materially informed robotic fabrication, architectural robotics and multiscalar material architecture. Book Chapter In: Daas, M., Wit, A.J. (eds.) Towards a Robotic Architecture, pp. 88–99. ORO Editions, Novato, CA
  • Mostafavi S., Kemper B.N., Fischer D.L. (2018) Multimode Robotic Materialization, Design to Robotic Fabrication Method of Integrating Subtractively Produced Hard Components and Additively Deposited Soft Silicone. In: Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2018. ROBARCH 2018. Springer.
  • Mostafavi, S., Bier, HH., Kemper B.N., Fischer D. L. (2014) Robotic Materialization of Architectural Hybridity - Modelling, Computation and Robotic Production of Multi-materiality, In Kepczynska-Walczak, A, Bialkowski, S (eds.), Computing for a better tomorrow - Proceedings of the 36th eCAADe Conference - Volume 2, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland, 19-21 September 2018, pp. 301-308
  • Chiang, Y., S. Mostafavi, and H.H. Bier. (2018) Assembly of shells with bi-stable mechanism, Conference proceeding of Advances in Architectural Geometry, AAG 2018 at Gothenburg.
  • Chiang, Y., H.H. Bier, and S. Mostafavi.(2018) Design to Robotic Assembly: An Exploration in Stacking, Frontiers in Digital Humanities 5
  • Mostafavi, S., Anton, A., Bodea, S. (2017) Design to Robotic Production for Informed Materialization Processes. in Cyber Physical Architecture, SPOOL, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 1, dec. 2017.
  • Mostafavi S., Bier H. (2016) Materially Informed Design to Robotic Production: A Robotic 3D Printing System for Informed Material Deposition. In: Reinhardt D., Saunders R., Burry J. (eds) Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2016. Springer
  • Bier H.H., Mostafavi S. (2016) Robotic Building as Physically Built Robotic Environments and Robotically Supported Building Processes. In: Dalton N., Schnädelbach H., Wiberg M., Varoudis T. (eds) Architecture and Interaction. Human–Computer Interaction Series. Springer
  • Mostafavi, S., Bier, HH. Anton, A., Bodea, S (2015), Informed Design to Robotic Production Systems - Developing Robotic 3D Printing System for Informed Material Deposition Real-time eCAADe 2015 proceedings, Vienna, Austria
  • Mostafavi, S., Bier, HH.(2015) Robotic 3D printing in Computational Ecologies, Peer reviewed projects proceeding, ACADIA October 2015, Cincinnati, United States
  • Bier, HH, Mostafavi, S. (2015) Structural optimization for materially informed design to robotic production processes American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 8 (4), 549-555.(2015)
  • Mostafavi, S. & Tanti, M. (2014) Design to fabrication integration and material craftsmanship in, eCAADe Conference, FUSION, September 2014, New Castle, United Kingdom
  • Mostafavi, S., Yu. S., Biloria, N. (2014) Agent based complex design systems in multiple scales in Design Agency, ACADIA October 2014, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, United States
  • Mostafavi, S, Morales Beltran, M.G.. & Biloria, N.M. (2013). Performance driven design and design information exchange. In R Stouffs & S Sariyildiz(Eds.), Proceedings eCAADe 2013 conference, (pp. 117-126), Delft, The Netherlands

Selected talks, interviews and panels

  • Invited talk at Arup Architecture Group, (Amsterdam, 2019)
  • Invited Panellist, session at RoBouwtic, BK City, (Delft, 2019)
  • Inaugural speech, Design studios and courses, DIA Bauhaus (Dessau, 2017-18)
  • Paper presentation, eCAADe 2018, Lodz University of Technology (Lodz, 2108)
  • Paper presentation, Rob|Arch 2018, ETH, (Zurich, 2018)
  • Panellist, Towards A Robotic Architecture session at Rob|Arch 2018, ETH, (Zurich, 2018)
  • Invited talk, Transitional Innovation, TU (Delft, 2018)
  • Interview with Delta Magazine on Imprimer Le Monde (Delft, 2017)
  • Invited talk and panel at LABXCAP Symposium, Centre Pompidou (Paris, 2017)
  • Invited talk at Digital Knowledge Symposium, ENSAPM, École des Beaux-Arts (Paris, 2017)
  • Invited talk, Next Generation Architecture KNAW Symposium (Amsterdam, 2016)
  • Invited Keynote, AA visiting school (AA Istanbul, 2016)
  • Invited Talk, Game Set Match 3 Symposium, at BK-City (Delft, 2016)
  • Paper presentation, Rob|Arch 2016 (Sydney, 2016)
  • Invited talk on Creative Robotic Fabrication at Click NL, Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, 2015)
  • Paper presentation at eCAADe 2015 Conference TU Wien (Vienna, 2015)
  • Invited Talk at KCAP architects and planners (Rotterdam, 2015)
  • Invited talk at InDeSem 2015, Re-Craft, BK city TU Delft (Delft, 2015)
  • Interview with DELTA Magazine, Delft, on Materially Informed Design to Robotic Production Process (Delft, 2015)
  • Presenting Robotic 3D Printing Project at Week Van De Bouw (Utrecht 2015)
  • Invited talk at Algorithms and Actualization Symposium, AA lecture hall (London, 2014)
  • Paper Presentation at eCAADe 2013 Conference (Delft, 2013)


Selected projects

  • Imprimer le Monde, Scalable Porosity at Centre Pompidou (2017)
  • Robotic Building (2014-18)
  • Multimode Robotic Production (2014-18)
  • Robotic Production of Multi Materiality (2015-18)
  • Robotically Driven Construction of Buildings (2014-18)


Selected international workshops

  • Multi-Material Robotic Assembly (SimAUD 2018)
  • Seamless Variation in Design to Robotic Production Processes (IASS 2015)
  • Continuous Variation workshop at Re.Craft InDeSem (INDESEM 2015)
  • Fabrication Driven Design methodology, eCAADe (eCAADe 2013)


Selected exhibitions

  • Hybrid Assembly Design Studio, DIA and TUD joint studio design studio (DIA Bauhaus, Dessau 2017)
  • Scalable Porosity at Imprimer Le Mond, Mutations and Creations, (Pompidou Centre 2017)
  • Game Set Match BK Expo, 1:1 prototypes and experiments (GSM, Delft 2016)
  • Robotic 3D printing, Peer Reviewed Projects Poster Exhibition (ACADIA, Cincinnati 2015)
  • Design Studio Prototypes, Hyperbody Design to Robotic production studio (Syntactic, Le Mans 2015)
  • Design to Robotic Production Studio Prototypes and Projects (V2 Gallery, Rotterdam 2015)
  • Robotically Driven Construction of Building Project, Lecture and exhibition (Week van De Bouw, Gevel, Utrecht 2015)