Design-to-Robotic-Production (D2RP)

D2RP aims to introduce strategies for the integral production of complete buildings addressing structural and climatic-environmental, programmatic and user-specific, etc. requirements. This implies that the complete building process is considered in order to identify requirements for the robotic production of material- and energy-efficient buildings. The goal is to integrate production and operation aspects from the early stages of design.

Several experiments with optimized additive and subtractive production of computationally de-rived architectural and structural topologies have been implemented at scales ranging from architec-tural (macro) to componential (meso) to material (micro) scale. By employing performance-based and generative design methods as well as robotic manufacturing, D2RP processes establish a feedback-loop between design and production of buildings components at full-scale (Mostafavi et al. 2016).