Sina Mostafavi and Nimish Biloria from Hyperbody with Soungmin Yu from ZHA Published in ACADIA 2014, Design Agency

PhD Candidate Sina Mostafavi and Dr. Nimish Biloria from Hyperbody with Soungmin Yu from Zaha Hadid Architects Published in ACADIA 2014 Design Agency:

Multi-scalar Agent-based complex design systems

The case of CECO (Climatic-Ecologies) studio: Informed generative design systems and performance-driven design workflows

The paper illustrates the application of different types of complex systems for digital form finding and design decision making with underlying methodological and pedagogical aims to emphasize performance-driven design solutions via combining generative methods of complex systems with simulation techniques. The design research examples described in the paper are undertaken within the design studio titled CECO or Climatic-Ecologies, conducted at Hyperbody, TU Delft. The computational models explored within the studio include generative systems such as multi-agent system, cellular automata, recursive systems and L-system. The case studies presented in this paper show the early stages of the design development and the use of agent-based system at both macro, urban, scale to micro, architectural and structural scales, while considering environmental and local site conditions.