Robotic 3D printing project prototypes will be exhibited and presented at Week van De Bouw (Construction Week) in Utrecht

Robotic 3D printing project prototypes will be exhibited and presented at Week van De Bouw (Construction Week) in Utrecht.

The Robotic 3D Printing Project will be presented at GEVEL as a part of Week van De Bouw at Utrecht From 9th to 13th of February 2015.
Construction Week is for contractors, constructional engineers, retailers and suppliers. Renovatie is aimed at clients and housing corporations. GEVEL is the event for architects. Material Xperience offers solutions for creative professionals, interior architects and designers. Led ‘n Light focusses on the lightning professional. GEVEL is the tradeshow for design and engineering of the building envelope. With innovations, technology, materials, know-how, ideas and meetings for architects and building engineers. With its array of excellent exhibitors, inspiring concept and varied content, GEVEL is the most important trade show in the field of façades and wall facings and building envelopes.
The Robotic 3D Printing is a part of Robotic Building (RB) project at Hyperbody Group of TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology (AE+T).

Robotically-Driven Construction of Buildings (RDCB) funded and supported by 3TU.Bouw, DRI, 100%research office of BK and ABB is distributing materials as needed and where needed. 

RB project and Continuous variation studio team:
Project leaders: Henriette Bier, Sina Mostafavi
Research & Continuous Variation Workshops : Sina Mostafavi, Ana Maria Anton, Serban Bodea MSc 3 Coordinators and tutors: Kas Oosterhuis, Henriette Bier, Nimish Biloria, Vera Laszlo
MSc 3 students: Marco Galli, Perry Low, Oana Anghelache, Berend Raaphorst, Guus Mostart, Hans de Jonge, J.M. van Lith, Kasper Siderius, Michal Kornecki, Mohammad Jooshesh, Jan Paclt, Radoslaw Flis, Rob Wilhelmus, Christiaan Moors, Rutger Roodt, Steph Kanters, Ruth Hoogenraad, Stef Hoeijmakers, Thijs IJperlaan

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