PhD review of Alex Liu Cheng

PhD candidate Alexander Liu Cheng undergoes his Go/No Go evaluation (23.03.2017) before his Supervisors, viz., Kas Oosterhuis and Dr.-Ing. Henriette Bier; and External Reviewers, viz., Prof. Dr. Keith Evan Green (Cornell University) and Dr. Holger Schnädelbach (University of Nottingham). The Go/No Go evaluation is the mandatory first-year evaluation of the candidate’s undertaken work and corresponding results. It is intended as a mechanism to ensure quality, pertinence, and appropriate levels of innovation expected of doctoral work.

In this particular evaluation, A. Liu Cheng summarizes the content of his work via an itemized exposition of three resulting peer-reviewed articles (viz., archiDOCT 4, ISARC 2016, IEEE WF-IoT 2016), one extended abstract (viz., NGB#3), and an additional forthcoming peer-reviewed article (viz., ISARC 2017). This work serves as the foundation of a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) informed by both computational and architectural considerations, based on a cost-effective, highly heterogeneous, partially self-healing, and dynamically clustered Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network (WSAN) equipped with non-proprietary Machine Learning mechanisms (viz., SVM, k-NN) for Human Activity Recognition (HAR).