Robotic Building Symposium with Guests from Bartlett University College London, November 22nd

The RB symposium with invited guest from UCL will address the use of computational design and robotic manufacturing techniques to allow architects to regain control over the design implementation and allow end-users to participate as co-creators in the design and in the adaptation/customisation of their environments over time.

Henriette Bier: Intro

Henriette Bier: Robotic Building as Design-to-Robotic-Production-Assembly and –Operation

Sina Mostafavi: Multimode Informed Robotic Materialisation

Benjamin Kemper: Repurpose of Abandoned Drilling Rigs Using Advanced Computational Design and Robotic Manufacturing

Mollie Claypool: Towards a Wholly Digital Architecture

Jeroen van Ameijde: Emergent Constructions

Daniel Grenz, et al.: Disruptive Architectures