Lecture: Robotic Fabrication​ by Olga Kovrikova from UNStudio

Lecture: Robotic Fabrication by Olga Kovrikova from UNStudio, December 5th, 10:00 @ Protospace, Faculty of Architecture, TUDelft

How can we use robots to streamline design to fabrication? Robotic fabrication can make it possible to produce a structurally and aesthetically complex design within a very short time period – and with minimal labour and costs.
UNStudio’s Parameters Platform collaborated with Studio RAP and Qingdao Technological University to explore the methods and techniques associated with robotic fabrication as well as robotic assembly of Gyroi and play structure prototype. The goal of the collaboration was to research the key advantages of robotic fabrication for the architectural design and construction process, including minimizing time, labor, materials and costs.
The following lecture describes the processes behind the collaboration for the Gyroi prototype, including a preliminary design workshop at UNStudio in Amsterdam, intermediary workshops for design development, final fabrication workshop in Rotterdam with Studio RAP, fabrication workshop with students at Qingdao Technological University.