Registration to 1:1 Interactive Architecture Prototypes course opens soon

Focus of this studio is on the impact of physically built robotic environments and robotically supported building processes on architecture. The studio operates at the scale of architectural inserts situated within the urban context. This semester the inserts are at building scale and are located in Randstad. The studio employs Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Operation (D2RP&O) processes that link design to materialization by integrating all functionalities (from aesthetic appeal to functional comfort, structural strength, and interactive behavior) in the design of building components.

Participation in two skill developing AR0851 workshops are beneficial for this studio (but not mandatory). They are introducing students to the D2RP&O of interactive urban inserts, while revisiting today’s societal challenges. such as rapid urban densification, scarcity, migration, pollution, climate change, etc. The inserts are autarchic or parasitic mixed-mode hubs that merge online and physical world environments and accommodate rapid changes in the urban eco-system. In this context, D2RP&O establishes the framework allowing successful implementation of robotic production and operation at building scale. The main consideration is that in architecture and building construction the factory of the future employs building materials and components that can be robotically processed and assembled. Furthermore, D2RP&O processes incorporate material properties in design, control all aspects of the processes numerically, and utilize parametric design principles that can be linked to the robotic production and operation.