13th November 14:00 CET, Keith Green lectures online “Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes, and Biology”

Zoom Link: https://tudelft.zoom.us/j/95939356003?pwd=QzJrS3hlM2ZUYzVKZmNCUmJPNS9kdz09

Keith Evan Green looks toward a new frontier in human-machine interaction: partly intelligent, meticulously designed, cyber-physical environments responsive to the needs and opportunities of an increasingly digital society. These cyber-physical built environments—mostly manifested as robotic furniture and robotic rooms—exemplify “architectural robotics” in Green’s words, “robots for living in” in William Mitchell’s words, and “cognitive environments” in the words of Katherine Hayles. In architectural robotics, computation—specifically robotics—is embedded in the very physical fabric of our everyday living environments at relatively large physical scales, ranging from networked, household devices to the metropolis. In this talk, Green examines how architectural robotics supports and augments us at work, school, and home, as we roam, interconnect, and age.