Arise Wan presents “Project Marshaus” @ DigitalFUTURES Young : Space Architecture

Streaming live on 12 December @ 9:00am EST / 3:00pm CET/ 10:00pm China

Presentations by:

1.“Project Marshaus” by Arise Wan / TU Delft & DIA

2.“Infinite Typing” by Dan Liang, Chen Zhang, Lulin He / LAC studio

3.“Colonisation of Trojan Asteroids” by Levent Ozruh /The Barttlet UCL

4.“Home Away from Home” by Selin Sevim / Lund University Graduate

5.“Printing the City of Ember” by Jack Hatcher / University of Virginia

6.“Anaximander: The Mellontic Archaeon” by Luis Orozco / ICDC, University of Stuttgart

7.“Kemikism” by Albert Elias / Aberrate llc, Real-estate Innovation Lab