Intro to MSc 2 workshop ‘Interactive Furniture’ implemented in collaboration with CitG, EWI, and 3ME is on 11th February, 9:00h, in room U, at BK, TU Delft!

The MSc 2 course on Interactive Furniture (IF) will focus on the development of parametric designs for robotically produced and assembled furniture using 3D printed nodes and wood elements of variable size. The design takes functional, structural, material, and operational aspects into account. It integrates sensor-actuators into the furniture enabling communication with users via sounds, lights, etc. and web-based apps, respectively. The focus will be on two main aspects of the design: (1) Computational design and robotic assembly (workshop) and (2) Computational design, robotic production, assembly, and user-driven interaction based on sensor-actuator operation (studio). The MSc 2 course is taught in collaboration with the faculties CitG, EWI, and 3ME. Prototyping is implemented with support of TU Library acting as client and Dutch Growth Factory contributing in-kind as industrial partner.