9th May, 13:30h, Hamed Alavi (UA) lectures on Designing with Data in Room Y (08.02.West.560)

Hamed Alavi, University of Amsterdam

Designing with Data: Artificial Intelligence in Human-Building Interaction Design and Research

For centuries, something as simple as opening or closing a window has provided remarkably sophisticated opportunities to regulate temperature, light, air quality, acoustics, privacy, and even social relations between inside and outside. The introduction of automated ventilation systems, smart lighting, and mixed reality, however, is about to change all of this. What will be the consequences of truly smart buildings on the humans who inhabit them? The scope of such questions not only concerns human experiences in buildings but also extends more widely to public and social environments and urban spaces – what will it be like to live within highly monitored smart cities and in interaction with emerging mobile actors such as autonomous vehicles and delivery robots?

In this talk, we will see some examples of how artificial intelligence and more broadly data-oriented methods can help create a conception of smart buildings that is not hinged on optimization and efficiency calculation goals but rather takes human experience as the main subject of investigation and improvement. These examples are described under the banner of Human-Building Interaction which will be also introduced in this talk.