5-10 Oct. Henriette Bier participates in Erasmus + exchange at the University of Palermo

Thursday 5th (workshop)

Workshop with staff members to ‘reinforce the cooperation with the partner institution; create spin-off effects like curriculum development; development of joint courses or modules; academic networks and research collaboration’: Advancing education and research on new technologies in architecture as a multi-disciplinary collaborative field.

Friday 6th (lecture and seminar)

Dottorato di Ricerca AAP/PSAD (https://www.unipa.it/dipartimenti/architettura/dottorati/architetturaartiepianificazione): New approaches to architectural materialization: Considering materiality and architecture at multiple scales (with focus on Rhizome 2.0 http://www.roboticbuilding.eu/project/rhizome-2-0/).

Monday 9th (meeting)

Prof. Silvio Rotolo (htps://www.unipa.it/persone/docenti/r/silvio.rotolo/) discussion on the volcanic geology of Sicily and in particular its caves (with focus on ESA-funded projects (http://cs.roboticbuilding.eu/index.php/2019MSc3 and http://cs.roboticbuilding.eu/index.php/Rhizome2)

Tuesday 10th (workshop)

Laboratorio di biomateriali e componenti per il design (prof. Simona Colaianni) Corso di Laurea Magistrale in DESIGN E CULTURA DEL TERRITORIO: New materials and techniques for the robotic production processes in multi-material and -component design (with focus on BcPP http://www.roboticbuilding.eu/project/d2rp-for-product-from-landscape-microruin-lab/).